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2008 Queens Application

The Grand Ledge parade features a queen’s court, made up of young ladies from middle school thru high school.  In partnership with the Grand Ledge School district, and, St. Michael Catholic School, winners are selected from a pool of essay contest submissions.  Three winners are selected each year, and, in addition to riding in the parade, each girl receives a US savings bond to be applied towards higher education.

Past Queens
2002: Emily Collins
2002 queen
2003: Erin Jancek
2003 queen
2004: Jordan Lynwood (Queen),
court: Angela Collins, Debbie Gilliland
2004 queen
2005: Kristin Carl (Queen),
court: Jackie Cosgrove, Allison Kunde 
2005 queen
2006: Emily Baese (Queen),
court: Allison Tinsey, Amanda Esch
2006 queen
2007: Lindsay Carl (Queen),
court: Brianna Brown, Jessica Collins
2007 queen
Parade Queens 2004,05,06,07  Jordan Lynwood, Kristin Carl, Emily Baese & Lindsay Carl
2004-07 queen
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